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Xuan Lan director catwalk ‘Eau de Fashion Runway’

Supermodel Xuan Lan, a name synonymous with Beauty Fashion Show over the years, will continue to undertake the role of program director for the fashion show catwalk last – Eau de Fashion Runway.

Besides Dep Fashion Show, this year, the magazine will be releasing a Beautiful fashion show series Monday – Eau de Fashion Runway. The first program called Scents, including 4 performance with four threads in the order: Casual, Cocktail, Mix ‘n’ Match and Glamor do10 the design came from academia fashion vmode done. The designer has the opportunity to receive teaching faculty from the Centre Shingo Sato St. Martin (UK) – the school had to train talents like Alexander McQueen or John Galliano.

Xuan Lan direct the catwalk.

Join Eau de Fashion Runway also has a team of young directors with the potential of Ryan Kn director, graduated MA in Fashion & Textile Management and Nguyen Tuan Khanh, director picture sound, a graduate of Bachelor of Art University South Australia study, subjects Media Communications, Nguyen Phuc Hung, HCM City Ballet Theatre will take on the choreography of the entire program.
Besides the direction of the catwalk model Xuan Lan, who has worked many times with the Beauty in the public fashion show, with a team of directors, talented young director, Beautiful Eau de Fashion Runway certain very promising many exciting breakthroughs.

Nguyen Tuan Khanh, Ryan KN, Nguyen Phuc Hung (from left).

The program will take place at 19pm on 23 / 7 at the Stadium Nguyen Du, Ho Chi Minh City.

Source: f.tin247


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