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Supermodel Thanh Hang is symbol of fashion design contest

This year one of Vietnam’s top models – Thanh Hang – is selected as the model for young fashion designers who take part in the ‘’Aquafina Pure Fashion 2011′ competition.

Supermodel Thanh Hang.

Not only a symbol, Thanh Hang will also join the contest’s judge panel besides well-known designers Nguyen Cong Tri and Ngo Thai Uyen.

This year, contestants will not only have to send their sketches of designs and real costumes to the organizing board, but also try to be a stylist. In this round, for semi-finalists, contestants will have to instruct model Thanh Hang how to perform their designs to meet the “pure” standards.

The winner will bring his/her collections to the Hong Kong Fashion Week 2012, and become the exclusive fashion designer for model Thanh Hang in 2012.

‘Aquafina Pure Fashion’ has been held in Vietnam for four years and it has become a favorite playground of young designers.

Last year, Diem My and Ha Nhat Tien won the first and second prizes. Their designs were introduced at the Hong Kong Fashion Week 2011.

source from: vietnamnet