Sieu Mau Vietnam

Tuyet Ngoc holy bride

Tuyet Ngoc smile gentle breeze in the wedding photos taken at the same Quach Thanh Danh.
The white wedding dress sample European-style, Tuyet Ngoc seemed to show his holiness through the smile and gentle eyes. Along with elegant colors of the image, the bride Jade Snow became more attractive.

Tuyet Ngoc Bride and saintly smile. Files with the type of light is quite unique climate makes the attraction more Tuyet Ngoc.

Tuyet Ngoc charming bride groom party Quach Thanh Danh.

The dress is fairly simple design with upper body in shape phom tube dress, dress accessories with many folds of fabric stacked thin veil.

Wedding flowers designed and quite sophisticated, with subtle colors on the white mainstream is the main material orchids and white roses. Two lovely flowers and bring many myths about love couple.

The bride dance with arms momentum of white roses, especially the lovely long bow to create focal points for Chit leopard. With this information two brides Tuyet Ngoc adds to the charm.

White wedding dress so sharp at the bride’s pristine, white vest outfit also helps groom younger.

Stylish wedding couples in love with the gentle, kind and very interested in the “links” the simple but no less luxurious.

Source: 24h